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Scribe James Anderson


James Anderson

Published January 20th 2015
Kindle Edition
378 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sara Dean is lucky to be included on the dig. As a young Archaeology student at the University of Chicago, she knows that freshmen are rarely invited to digs outside the US. When she discovers a piece of glass that will change her life, she finds that the motivations of her professor are suspect, and she and her classmate Scott Summerfield are left to unravel the mystery of the glass on their own. Teaming up with Baruti, an elder of the Coptic church in Egypt, the trio embarks on a frantic adventure of intrigue and danger.Discovering that the glass is actually the record of a lost civilization, they learn the truth of Atlantis, the construction of the pyramids, the parting of the waters, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, and the answers to many of mankind’s most enduring questions. When the world’s religious power brokers hear of Sara’s discovery, they will stop at nothing to quell the revelation, resorting to subterfuge and murder to protect their power. Sara, Scott, and Baruti, with the help of Scott’s grandmother Catherine and a secret Coptic army, prevail to bring the true history of mankind to light. The record also chronicles the Scribe’s love for his One and Sara and Scott find their own relationship in parallel with the Ancients.