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Mortifera issue #1 Stephan Frost

Mortifera issue #1

Stephan Frost

Published November 7th 2012
22 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Mortiferas story revolves around two sibling demon hunters, and a renegade demon that all seek to slaughter the damned throughout medieval Europe. The Mortifera are an order of knights that use the dark arts against their unholy rivals.Catherine and her brother Ethan discover the remains of their father, the founder of the Mortifera, who was brutally murdered by the demon Kanisus. Their father once stood vigil over an aggregation of various demon blood vials. Through a summoning ritual, a demons blood allowed a possessor to bring forth a demon from the depths of hell. Kanisus stole nearly every vial of demon blood, and had the means to amass an army of the damned.Except for one demon...In their desperation, Catherine and Ethan summoned Durin to aide the Mortifera. It now falls on Catherine, Ethan, and Durin to hunt Kanisus and destroy the legion of the unhallowed that now walk the earth.