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Local Hero Al Lamanda

Local Hero

Al Lamanda

Kindle Edition
364 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Imagine waking up in a hospital on a small tourist island off the coast of southern Maine. You have no knowledge of the boating accident that claimed two lives and almost your own. In fact, you not only don’t remember the accident, you remember nothing at all. You have full blown amnesia. Your identification went down with the ship and the island sheriff isn’t able to identify you. Your doctor is a beautiful woman and as the weeks roll by, you fall deeply in love with her. You foil a robbery on the island and become something of a local hero and the townspeople take you under their wing.Slowly, as the weeks roll by, bits and pieces of information come to light and although you don’t regain your memory, you learn things about yourself. You’re not a good guy. In fact, you’re a very evil guy and your very presence on the island endangers the life of the doctor you’ve fallen in love with.What do you do?