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Alpine Rhapsody (Harlequin Romance, #1713) Elizabeth Ashton

Alpine Rhapsody (Harlequin Romance, #1713)

Elizabeth Ashton

ISBN : 9780373017133
Mass Market Paperback
189 pages
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 About the Book 

Elizabeth Ashton is an author Ive always loved. Her Crown of Willow was one of the very first Mills & Boon books I read in the seventies.This is a story about Eve, a young woman who was barely existing. Having lost everything she valued, her fiance and her career, in one stroke, she feels justified in wallowing in her misery.When she meets Max Linden, she starts to come back to life but it is a painful journey in some ways. She has to learn the truth about her fiance which is disillusioning. There is also the first step back into the world of music she had to leave behind after her injury.Finally there is Max, who is tied to a lovely young woman who is in a much worse situation than Eve. Totally blind and seemingly devoted to Max.The journey Eve travels isnt easy but when everything comes clear at the end, the solution is perfect.This is a lovely read set in Switzerland and Austria. The hero is adorable and the heroine grows and changes over the period of the book.