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THE SEVENTH EVENT (The Denouncer Series) Phillip Shaw

THE SEVENTH EVENT (The Denouncer Series)

Phillip Shaw

Kindle Edition
294 pages
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 About the Book 

The plot of this book is pure genius! The characters are described perfectly, and jump to life immediately. The two demigods in the book are an unknown quantity. As the book progresses they meet the other characters, but which of them is the good guy, and which the bad, is never revealed. I found the book to be more than science fiction- it includes healthy doses of both mystery, and suspense. Because the demigods qualities remain unknown, I found myself glued to the actions of both sides. Those things being unknown created an excellent mystery. Anticipating some solid clue about which the hero was, created excellent suspense. Because this book is, part of a series there is no hard and fast ending, which, of course, left a huge hook in my mouth. I will read the next volume!First, let me say this. I hate grammar Nazis, I hate them, I hate them, I really hate them! I will now address the issue of misspelled words and character continuity. In his introduction, the author admits that there will be misspellings and grammar faults. There are several. Names such as Miller are misspelled as Millar. There are also instances where the character named is not the character speaking in some quotations.I can overlook such things and enjoy a book. I suggest that you do the same. With solid editing this book and those to follow would be 5 star books.As I said, the plot is PURE GENIUS!